Martin’s Corner cannot be ignored at Goa !

It gives wonderful experience, clean and tidy, systematic and disciplined, light music with rhythm of the slow tone…..some beautiful girls wearing modern western clothes and dozens couples.  Amid all those, Goan dishes smell flying along with the Beer, Wine, Vodka and Scotch. This is Martins Corner restaurant at Batel Batim in Southérn Goa; it has become Goa’s identity and sometimes one of the legends of Goa.

Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan etc. from Bollywood, all performers, who came to Goa, do not forget to enjoy eating and drinking here. Sachin Tendulkar, legend of Cricket, is so passionate to this restaurant, he comes regularly here, as a return gift, that dish is available here with the name of Sachin, which was the best choice of Sachin Tendulkar.

 All type of sea food is speciality of this restaurant, even Shark at this restaurant in pieces wrapped with the special Goan spices available here . King Crap, Lobsters, prawn etc. all such type of food is the soul of Martin’s Corner.  Pork Chilli is speciality of this restaurant with the special sausages made by its owner herself, Mrs. Martin.


Martin’s Corner have another specialty of its full bar. All prominent brands, including with some foreign brands of wine and scotch is available at the Bar of this corner. Mexican Corona beer is also available here with reasonable rates. Kingfisher beer can be found here in a Jug with the cost of 350 rupees, group of three people can drink it comfortably. Throughout the day, after having fun at the beaches of Goa, enjoying eating and drinking in the evening at Martins Corner is really a great experience. Anuj Jaiswal is from Kanpur, he is veg, enjoying tandoori  roti and mix vegetables with Paneer, cooked with the Gaon spices. Roshan has come from Tamil Nadu, he is very happy to eat fish finger with beer.

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Nestled in a rustic atmosphere in southern Goa, surrounded by huge coconut trees and other plants, gives a feel of relief and create a scene like any European country. The story of this restaurant, coming into existence is very interesting. It begins when Mr. Martin retires in the last years of eighties. Prior to this, it used to be a small shop where nearby boys used to play carom and also took soft drinks. Then Mrs. Martin Pereira started serving Goa’s dishes, Sarapatel, Pork Chilli and Goan sausage bread etc. The drivers started bringing foreign tourists here and it touched the peak of popularity within next couple of years. Mr. Joy Perera is always smiling, in conversation with cheers dot com on its success, Pereira, who is always busy with work, gives great attention to the quality of his restaurant. Although there has been some change in the behaviour of the tourists coming here in the past three to four years, but Pereira does not say anything on this and stand still quietly near the bar of his Martin’s Corner.

Rashmi Asthana